When we will die?

When we will die?

We are living in this beautiful universe, which planted us for something unique and special. Everyone will die who gets born on this green planet.  Engineer, scientist, and everyone will leave this universe. We can’t save everyone’s life because everyone has a different time. It’s the truth of life and everything is a myth otherwise people can save the lives of everyone.

Everyone can survive their whole life without dying on this planet. As time goes on, the existence of humans passes in the same way…they are the wealthy or poor person it doesn’t matter and everyone will die because it is a natural phenomenon, which can’t stop by human power.

Reality of life

Maximum people have been forgotten the reality of life, which is very important for it otherwise everyone is leaving in the same phase of life. Everything happens with a reason and causes, which is already decided by nature. And this is not stoppable by humans but we try to stop it. We are foolish people on this planet because can’t understand the value of life and nature’s love.

People have all resources to live a life forever but cannot survive their whole life because a day comes in everyone’s life that nobody can escape from death. Finally, we bow on the knee in front of the death.

At that time no money power, no political power, no doctor’s precaution, no blessing, and no scientific facts work because everyone will die at his or her own time even doctors, engineers, scientists, etc. will also die. Same as animals, plants, insects, and birds will also die at their given time.

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This is the truth, and the rest are just an illusion in which the whole world is confused so this is only a world otherwise it becomes paradise.

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