Why do we live in this universe and why do we wish to live more life?

Why do we live in this universe and why do we wish to live more life?

We cannot live anyone’s dreams or goals/opinions/choices/requirements because it is our life that is created by this beautiful universe for something that is essential to build an empire of life.
People work for their chaos not for us therefore, our choices/ opinions/ thoughts/ problems/ struggles/ losses/ obstacles/ difficulties are our own.

We should be responsible for everything that happens or happened in our life; we could not censure anyone for anything. We should not lose ourselves in an untruthful reality otherwise nature will question us about the task that was assigned to us. Nature cannot forgive us if we do not do that task.
We should pay attention to something that did something for us; they can be our family members, friends, relatives, or any animal or bird or insect, otherwise, it can be a debt forever.

We should see life beyond the unrealistic that people cannot do because they can live only an unrealistic life.

God /nature said;

Everyone can achieve everything but everyone cannot achieve everything because the universe will be collapsed, so it depends on us what we want to achieve in life.

We pay a part of life to nature or God if we figure out to live beyond the unrealistic life, but it is arduous for a common person and not possible for everyone because they are busy living surrounded by an unrealistic life.

Only 2% of people belong to this category who is a new soul born on this planet for this universe and the rest all only survive their life.

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