Earn materialistic happiness and things!!

Earn materialistic happiness and things!!

There is no divine mandate forbidding anyone from pursuing wealth, success, or fame in life. Neither is it a prerequisite for anyone to become a monk or adopt a tranquil lifestyle to fulfill God’s expectations. With countless religions, faiths, and opinions on the existence of God, every individual has a unique purpose in life. They are born on this planet to serve the needs of the universe, a purpose that can only be fully realized through lived experiences.

Life is not one-size-fits-all, and each person must find their unique path to fulfillment. If early morning walks do not bring you joy, then it is perfectly okay not to take them. Nature does not favor one person over another; each individual has their own story to tell. Those with peaceful minds find that nothing can disturb their tranquility.

It is acceptable to pursue materialistic goals in life.

The greatest incarnations of God lived luxurious lifestyles, without ever preaching against the pursuit of materialistic success. Material possessions are an essential contribution to the universe and enable us to live beautiful lives and travel to various religious sites.

Living a life filled with dreams does not necessarily equate to greed. As the saying goes, “Our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” If everyone lived a monastic lifestyle, the universe would cease to exist.

People have varying needs in life and work to satisfy their insatiable desires. Some desire a life of fortune, others want to wield power in their nation, while others aspire to serve humanity or achieve sainthood. Everyone strives towards their goals and seeks success in their own unique way. However, some do not follow the universal law.

The universal law is simple to understand, yet people often ignore it. It is defined by natural disasters and diminutions. If individuals do not follow the right path in life or only follow an evil path, the universe will not forgive them. It is a circle that always pays the result of one’s Karma.

Therefore, it is acceptable to pursue materialistic possessions and live a luxurious and healthy lifestyle with good intentions and purpose. There is no need to adopt a celibate lifestyle if it is not what you desire. Think big, dream big, and achieve big, and the universe will conspire to help you exceed even your wildest imagination.

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