Bullshit deadlines

Bullshit deadlines

You don’t have to follow the opinions of small-minded people. It can take a long time or an instance to destroy your positive mindset that thrives for your destination. Your time is decided by God, not by this deadline people who never try to do anything archetype. You must never sake yourself from the root of your core no matter how many times you fall. People throw stones of critics and entitle failure because their measurement is different from the reality of ample positive thoughts. So never give up and never stop fighting for what you want to attain in life due to cheap minded people who don’t understand your value of dreams or goals. When you achieve your vision, they all will be a part of worthless people.

Impact of society

In our society, age is a just timeline for getting marriage even if you are underage or above age to get married. You know who has decided this and nonsense deadline. People or society who never set goals or dreams except their chaos and never go beyond the origin of the core. So, they try to confine those people who have wings to fly in the sky and want to live their precious life.

You are competing for a great achievement if you believe in yourself and a time that is defined by God. This time zone is different for everyone according to their life and karma. God has different plans and expectations. We make a lot of plans but sometimes, our plans do not work or execute successfully because it does not meet God’s plans, but every plan teaches us something better in life.

“You can’t cross the ocean without crossing the ponds, rivers, sea, hills, mountains, etc., therefore always trust in God’s process rather than bullshit people’s thoughts and process.”

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