What are the 5 factors of early success in life?

What are the 5 factors of early success in life?

Success is not a thing, achieved by everyone. It takes a lot of years, sweat, hard work, and a good determination. Everyone wants to be a successful person in their life but nobody wants to pay the bill for success. Success is based on the main 5 factors of life, which play a major role in early success in life. Without these types of factors, we are not able to achieve early success in life.

A few people have every resource to access in their life but they don’t have the will to take action and be successful people. They just live a limited life and they consider themselves a successful person.

These are the five factors to achieve early success in life:
1. Friend circle
2. Family support and background
3. Circumstance or environment
4. Thought process
5. Hard work with smart strategies and luck

Success is nothing in terms of the mentality of the human mind because maximum people define success as good fortune or a good job but the reality is very opposite of the human thoughts. Money power or political power can’t define success.
Success is a part of life that makes us happy and curious to do something new without expectation in life. Therefore, a lot of people define it as “happiness is a real success.”

We all know that happiness is a real success but we don’t think how can be happy all the time. The first thing is that whatever we love, we should do. This is the formula for success in life.

1. Friend circle

We always find somewhere this quote “ tell me about your friends and I will tell your future.” This is a true quote. One negative can give you a hundred reasons to involve in the useless gathering of people who only mess up their life and do goof all day about something bad. They don’t have any type of high vision or mission in their life. They destroy your goals and dreams with their negative thoughts and perception about life and goals.

It does not mean that you live surrounded by wrong people but you live surrounded by aimless people who don’t have any aim in their life. People who live are surrounded by people who don’t have any goals or dreams and always live a purposeless and aimless life. So, these things are enough to destroy you if you want to do something great and want to do something good.

Strong, good, and abroad mentality is most important to attain great things in life. A negative-minded person can destroy you like a small amount of poison disturbing the whole body. Therefore, we should not live surrounded by the cheap and low mentality of people. You should be ready to leave your comfort zone otherwise you can be one of them. The best thing is to choose friends wisely who inspire and motivate you for living a purposeful life.

2. Family support or background

This is a major role to achieve something good in our life early, but everyone can’t be lucky to get this type of family who always stands beside them as a pole or backbone. Everyone wants to be a good parent of a successful son or a daughter. They invest their earnings and get educated for children, a good career or lifestyle. They have a strong expectation of money that is not a real success in life. Try to force them to earn more money for living a good lifestyle. They don’t have exact knowledge about real success in life.

Sometimes, a few children want to achieve their dreams and want to live a purposeful life but their parent does not support them instead of making a servant for their whole life. Every child has a choice in living their life, everyone wants to live a beautiful and prosperous life but middle-class parents don’t admit that because they never develop themselves and never learn from every phase of life. They only live below middle-class life. They just grow their children and increase their expectations from their children and they don’t give them the freedom to live life or develop skills that make them unique and successful people who can change the next generation.

A few girls and boys kill their dream due to their parent’s opinions and their expectations or society’s opinions. But after a few months or years, they realize that they did not do the right things in their life and regret their whole life that they did not do the things they wanted to achieve or become in their life.

If they are a married couple then they try to involve in their life and make their family and they forget their dreams or goals forever. A few children do not give up on their dreams. They listen to their heart’s voices and follow them. They leave their comfort zone and start fighting for their aim in life. It is not easy to live a life as you want because sometimes it takes hard work, patience, and struggles. We need to penetrate a mountain that is a barrier in our route. They go through many hurdles in their journey and sometimes they go through the worst-to-worst phases in life. They hope that they going to build or create a great future. They never give up on those things that want to become a huge storm in life. They demotivate and lose their hope but their heart does not allow them to admit that they cannot achieve success in their life. Gradually, they go ahead and overcome every problem in life. After a long time, they achieve whatever they wanted to achieve and become an inspiration for people.

A few have everything but their parents also want to give a life whatever their children want but their children have no dream or goal because they just live and survive life. They want to spend their whole lives as normal and aimless people on this planet and destroy themselves with bad habits or bad friendships.

3. Environment:

A good environment for every people is a brain that plays a major role in life. An environment teaches us a lot during our growing minds. If we live in a good environment then we learn good things and try to come out with the best version of our life every day. A good environment gives positivity and makes us warriors of life. Everyone discusses the good and education.

If we reside in a bad society, a narrow-minded society, not a well-educated society, or a society which has full of negativities then we observe the things that people do in their daily life and work for. We live surrounded by those people who don’t have any dreams or aims then we become the next one who doesn’t have any goal in our life. A negative environment fills their minds with jealousy, anger, haughty, and use abusive language. A negative mind never discusses any great idea but they always love to discuss people. They never encourage anyone who tries to do something good and different in their life. They just demotivate and discourage them. They try to pull down those who want to grow in their life. And produce disturbances that make them happy.

An environment creates a big difference in our life between our thoughts process. We store all types of negativities in our minds and waste our all-spare time on unproductive work. Our brain works like a computer memory for whatever we want to store.
A negative or useless conversation can be able to destroy all types of buildings or pillars of our life that were created for a long time.
If we live in a good society or family then we observe all those things which happen surrounding us. We understand the good lifestyle and can think about our career and future. We can work on something different and great that full a huge gap in the world. We can understand the value of good life and goals in life.

“Living in a good society means starting something good in our life.”

4. Thought process

Everyone has a great power that is blessed by our supreme lord. Everyone can think anything whatever they want to do in their life but maximum people are only able to think bad things in their life. Every brain has an inevitable power that generates a lot of thoughts inside our mind and every thought runs our body according to their thoughts. We should install a good operating system in our system which has a lot of features and vacant places. But our actions define it completely differently and opposite.

We erase all good features that are installed by God and install all bad things, which is created by human. This is a long process to install a good operating system in our system but it takes a very less time to install all the bad features of those operating systems that were all-time corrupt and attacked by viruses or bugs. All these bad things fill the all-vacant space in our memory so can not install good things in our memory. We need to erase all corrupted data from the memory and install a new and good operating system for a lifetime.
Sometimes, our mind or CPU heats due to anxiety, anger, jealousy, revenge, and living meaning life. And we think that happens to someone else. We act according to our thought processes and our mindset.

We experience many things in our life that has a meaning and cause for happening. Something happens to us which can not control by us. But most of the cases happen with us due to our wrong installation of an operating system. We try to fix the errors which find during the installation of a corrupt operating system. So, every thought of our life drops an impact on our life. We should observe every thought of ourselves and try to eliminate all those thoughts which slow our process of mind.

A meaningful thought gives energy that encourages us to drive for our purpose or dream. It draws all types of positive energy and generates a positive vibration in our body which helps to improve ourselves and helps to contribute to nature.A meaningless thought gives only anxiety, pain, anger, discourages Ness, fear, jealousy, worry, and a limited lifestyle.

“Our thinking is the best weapon for the best action. Without good thoughts, we cannot take positive action in our life. So, what we think we attract what we attract we live.”

5. Hard work and luck

This is an electric wire of all kinds of action that flows the current in the direction of our thoughts that creates us whatever we want to be in our life. Our mind is like a turbine that produces an electric current. An electric current has only one source and it flows through the medium of wires. The wire is our life. As current flows through a medium in our home and society. Everyone knows the disadvantage and advantages of the current. An electric current is a cause of death and light. We use it for lighting and using machines that give a positive result. Everyone has a different need and requirement for daily use.

Someone uses it for breaking the darkness, and someone uses it for the machine, ac, coolers, etc. Someone uses it to blow a colorful bulb and someone uses it to blow only a normal bulb. Whatever we want to use the current, we just switch it on and the current flow in the direction of our targeted electric equipment and electric things started working without any impediment. However, people do not know the value of their inner power or source of action. They just use it without the knowledge of why they use it. They just use it as well every day till the end of life. So, people do not change their mindset and their perception of life.

We define a purpose and be clear about something in life. People do not use their power to achieve something great and valuable in the direction of their goals or dreams. They just use them in the direction of worthless things. They use it somewhere in the wrong direction they don’t know what they do in their life. They just work and follow their path but they don’t know the ending point of their direction.

We just need to set a specific goal and live for that goal which inspires us a lot to change ourselves. We don’t have time to live for a limited time. We live a life for our goal and purpose in life. We should flow our power in the direction of our aim or goal. We should design plans and strategies to achieve our target. Our hard actions and a decision give the proper solution for our path to success in our life.

We can’t be sure that our plans will work according to us but we need to take action which is the best important thing in our life if we want to reach the top position in our life. Some plans can be executed at the right time and some plans can be delayed. Because nature has a big plan for us but it does not mean that nature does not want to give you a great opportunity; It takes hard work and patience to build something great and valuable in life.

We set to a clear vision and honestly work for it. Luck in your favor if you work for your dream or goal. Sometimes, it does not be in your favor and you failed many times but you have not to regret it in your life because you can lead everyone and be a successful person and your failure is the backbone of your luck.

“The most cause of failure is we live surrounded by small-minded people.”

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