Death and Expectations in life

Death and Expectations in life

As time goes on, the existence of people deteriorates, regardless of whether they are a king or live an impoverished life. We inhabit this universe, which has planted us for something special and unique. Everyone has their own timeline. Our bodies are a type of machine that is transformed by nature in the human species, and the diminution process starts from the first day of birth. Doctors, engineers, scientists, etc., all leave this universe eventually; we cannot protect anyone’s life from the truth using any resources. Everyone knows this truth, but they entangle themselves in bafflement, and they serve lives forever.

We try to save ourselves from death, but the day eventually comes when we cannot save ourselves from it. We are surrounded by all types of resources, yet we bow in front of nature. Money, power, blessings, doctors, and precautions cannot alter it.

Our perplexities make us blind and spread gloom that has no light at the end of the tunnel. We live in a curtain of vagueness; that’s why this is a world, otherwise, it could be a paradise.

Why expectations are important in a good relationship?

Expectations play an important role in a good relationship. Most people believe that a good relationship should be expectation-free to be strong, but this is not true all the time. People always figure out an illusion that sows seeds of poison in their minds, deluding themselves and living in vain. Therefore, we should change our mindset and expectations to have a happy relationship. We can live a happy life with expectations, but wrong expectations can create conflicts and misunderstandings between two souls. There are a few expectations that could be necessary for a strong and happy relationship, and we live an ambiguous life without them.

What should we expect and what not?

In a good relationship, we should expect love, intention, and care. Without these expectations, we kill the value and importance of our relationship. We cannot live together without love, and we cannot create a happy life without intention. Sometimes, we want to create something in our life that has a good impact on our relationships, and we require attention from our beloved that he or she can appreciate or suggest to us.

On the other hand, we should not expect money, property, or anything that can break a relationship. These types of expectations cannot create any value between relations. We can expect a better life and future, but it does not mean that we cannot seek love, respect, value, importance, dignity, and mutual understanding.

Expectations of money or properties cannot remain forever. They gradually become less important for happy and beautiful bonding. You can create ample money or build many properties if you have respect, dignity, love, mutual understanding, and bonding. Without these expectations, we cannot make a good and happy relationship.

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