Pulwama Terror Attack

Pulwama Terror Attack

It is not the first time that Pakistan attacked India. Pakistan attacked India in 2016 and 2018 but it was a major attack. Pakistan has crossed the limit of our tolerance. Indian people are showing anger and want immediate action against terrorism. I visited Dahisar to Borivali and people were organizing the rally for the tribute of our brave soldiers. Indian peoples are bloodthirsty about Pakistan. People’s hearts bled when people heard the news of the terrorist attack.

I met with people who went through the rally and asked something about our martyrs. People were burning the clone of Pakistan and shouting the slogan “Pakistan murdabaad”. China country is also behind this attack but it is working as a back-end. China is also supporting Pakistan and also Indian traitor plays a major role hence, first throw out all the traitor from our country then everything will be automatically settled.

I saw Muslims also participate in this rally raise their voice for justice and shout the slogan “Bharat Mata ki Jay”, “Pakistan murdabaad”, and “Bande Mataram”. We can not give blame to any religion for this type of nefarious accident which has been done by Pakistan.

Here, a few people put their thoughts or opinions or views point to the terror attack.

1. Thoughts of a farmer:

Pakistan has done nefarious activities. The public of India wants justice from the government. The blood of people’s hearts is bleeding because they want justice for our martyrs.

2. Thoughts of an auto driver: 

He says that the government should take action as soon as possible but the government what will do? It was suddenly attacked by our brave soldiers. Terrorists attacked India and it was a cowardly attack on our brave soldiers.

The government takes a strong step, which will not happen in the future. The soldiers of our country sometimes 18 and sometimes 44 are going to be martyrs, how much will take time to control it because the government recruits the army and our brave soldiers will be the prey of terror attacks.

He feels sad that an army man who was from Punjab, his wife was born a child after long years ( approx 7 years) and he wants to meet with his baby and he bought a lot of toys for his kid but he could not see his children face. He gave a good thought for our youth that they focus on a thing which is important for our country but maximum youth focus on an unimportant thing.

3. Thoughts of a gentleman:

He said that the government should take strong action which will encourage our brave soldiers. The government should help the family of our martyrs. The government should give a mouth break answer to all terrorists.

4. Thoughts of a social worker:

He said that the government will take a chance to join the Indian army and we will show our power. Youth will ask for an offer from the government that

the government gives an offer to those youngsters who are jobless and want to serve our country. Valentine’s day is entertainment it’s not a specific thing that doesn’t describe specific meaning in our culture. The immature youngster is enjoying valentine’s day.

5. Thoughts of an employee and social worker:

The youngsters should have respect and feel for the country and desire to do something for the country. Girlfriends and boyfriends visit unnecessarily on the beach or in the garden and make fun of the public and express their unusable feelings. The youngsters do workouts and develop their personality and body although, those who are physically fit can join the army. India is not able to develop the army though, Pakistan is developing terrorists.

Pakistani families send their sons to developing terrorists but Indian families said that their sons will kill in the war. And one thing that one person should be in the army from politician families or the government servant then this type of issues will be stopped otherwise it will not happen, today or tomorrow it will consider in the politics.

The public should help such as they can adopt or donate something because the government is doing whatever it’s doing but the public is also responsible for our martyrs’ families. If any scheme will launch for donation, he will give and he also donated.

6. Thoughts of a political leader from Bajarang Dal:

He said that everyone first makes unity and comes on the road with unity and raises their voice for the solution. Today, he is a strong leader, who can do something but he also feels helpless so we can make unity and finish the political game.

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