Dowry | How to make it right or wrong??

Dowry | How to make it right or wrong??

India is the most populated country in the world. There are different types of people living in this country. A few people are only able to understand the value of the dowry which makes them irresponsible people in their life.

A young and educated person should raise their voice against the dowry but a few young and educated people keep supporting dowry costumes. They have strong greed and want to increase their bank balance and feel pride that they have gotten a lot of money from their son. But their son is nothing in their life. They have only a professional degree or a job nothing else. They just spent their money on their son only for a huge dowry expectation.

Dowry is a wrong tradition in India because a poor man can’t afford it easily. An educated person, he is nothing in his life but his expectation is very high. He demands a huge amount of money or something else like an apartment or land. Sometimes, the Bride’s father is not able to manage that amount of money or apartment or land then he borrows money from the bank for their daughter’s marriage. If the bride’s father is not able to manage that much amount of money, then the groom’s family or their parents don’t feel respectable wedding. Somehow boy gets married to a girl and she comes to her father-in-law’s home with her husband. It’s not the ending of her life if she does not pay the full amount of money.

The humiliation of the girls

After a few days pass, the boy’s parents started dirty comments and using abusive language. It’s not enough, sometimes her husband and their parents hit her and throw them outside of the home. They demand remain amount from her father. She bows and folds her hand in front of evil for their beautiful life but emotionless people’s hearts never melt.

Girls have enough power to destroy anyone or anything but this fake society makes them weak. A poor society says that a girl should respect her husband and their family even if they try to kill her. She is a turban of her brother and father, and their respect comes from their daughter or sister. They teach her that she can not raise or fight against their humiliation. She bears all abusive words and torchers thrown by the boy’s family. She tries to convince everyone, especially that person who tells her better half. But he also refuses to understand it because this thing is filled with pathetic society and family members.

After a few months or years, she feels helpless and gets commits suicide. This is not a normal disease in our society, it takes a lot of lives. But greedy people can not understand till they pass the same thing.
We can finish this fake and useless tradition from our society as well as the country which creates an unhappy marriages and increases the number of divorces.

How can a girl avoid or refuse to get married to a greedy man??

Most parents only focus on their son’s education, they think that their girl would get married to someone else and their money would be wasted. They forget the gender inequality and that it does not matter to them. He or she both does something in their life or career.

Girls are not weak because they are emotionally strong and can take their own decision in life. Every girl can do anything because it’s a life that is given by God, so nobody has the right to kill them for a dowry. She is a universe and family maker.
Demanding dowry is a crime that can not be done by a highly educated or good family or good society. If anyone asks for dowry then every girl should come forward and should his status, bank balance, his thoughts, lifestyle, and his next plan except his inheritance properties.

“ A dowry is not a custom, it’s a crime against education that is unforgivable.”

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