Seminar | Smart Academy | Dahisar | Mumbai

Seminar | Smart Academy | Dahisar | Mumbai

I organized the second seminar in Smart Academy, Dahisar, Mumbai. It was not easy that you to enter the classroom and started the speech. I took an appointment from the head of the department of the academy and did not know whether he would give permission or not. Firstly, he did not want to give me permission for meeting with students.

I requested and told them the reality of life, he was excited to listen to a great voice, which was coming from the inner of his heart. That voice was a peace, which burnt a light inside him. I would not know that I would reside in the dream city of Mumbai. I never dreamed and imagined it, but life taught me a big lesson during my struggle time. I never give up on my dream and passion. Passion motivates and encourages achieving a great thing, and acquiring a great fortune in life.

Started Stage

I shared the stage and started speaking in front of the teachers and students. Every student concentrated on each word, which was coming outside from the mouth. It was not magic, but it was my passion, which encouraged and motivated me to speak in front of different types of person who was sitting in front of me. They had been the audience and I was the speaker. I consumed a total of 30 minutes and finally, finished the seminar event. Students and teachers asked different sorts of questions but I responded well. I also presented them my debut novel Burdened by Fate, which is available on amazon. Everyone appreciated me and loved my debut novel.

I asked about their dreams and goals. A few have had dreams but they did not know the path to them. A few have had a financial issue, and a few were dreamless and goalless. They have had no choice. I spoke for 30 minutes and every student understands the value of time and thought.

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