Director of Pune Academy | Burdened by Fate

Director of Pune Academy | Burdened by Fate

This was the first seminar at Pune academy for a competitive exam. Firstly, I met with the director of coaching. He asked many things about my debut novel Burdened by Fate, which I answered. How do you motivate our students and teach them? Anand you don’t have any visiting card. Instead of you have a single piece of cover paper of your debut novel Burdened by Fate.

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My First Meeting With The Director Of Pune Academy

Firstly, he has had doubt of my capability. He requested a demo of seminar. As result, the director impressed.  He gave me an appointment for the next day in the evening. I was extremely happy that it was a starting point of mine.

It was the first time that I shared the stage in front of people who were preparing for a different type of competitive exam. Everyone has a lot of questions and many confusion regarding careers, and was trying to reach the position where to want to go. Why they were preparing for a competitive exam? Every answer could not satisfy me . Everyone does not  know the purpose of life, therefore I explained the purpose of life

Maximum students replied that they want to achieve a good position and plenty amount of money because of  publicity and society thoughts.

Finally, I took the interview with the director; he briefly explained his journey. He completed his study in a rural area. After 12th , he came to Pune for graduation. He is the son of a farmer who knows all works related to the agriculture. The Farmer son completed graduation and was  preparing for the government competitive exam.

At the last, he qualified MPSC and served 4 to 5 years. He was passionate about to open his coaching center, however he quit his government job. But starting journey does not easy for anyone who start from the bottom. He started his coaching center in Pune. It was tough journey for the first year, hence he tried hard one year for better result.  After one year, he never looked back and he gave a maximum positive result.

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