Burdened by Fate | A meeting with SO in Pune

Burdened by Fate | A meeting with SO in Pune

It was a great meeting with the DSP of Pune. Burdened by Fate was not live, it was in the process of printing. The publisher had sent the cover page of Burdened by Fate. We went outside of the room and reached slum areas. We found out people who were interested in being a part of this book video trailer. However, preference was that whenever the book would be ready for printing. I would distribute sweets to people who always protect and save us from illegal authorization.

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I got ready and visited Akurdi Police station, which was near residency, and was afraid because a few people came for the criminal case; DSP was busy resolving his problems. It was my courage and faith that got permission from the security guard. Four police were discussing a crucial case. It was time to wait only for 15 minutes. DSP had become free and told; sir, please, takes your seat and say.

Distribution of sweets

Sir, I have written a book, which is based on the true story of the girls who were struggling for success. They come from a rural area, but everyone reached the top station in life. I dreamed that when I would get publish my debut novel then I would distribute sweets between people who live for us. I opened the sweet box and feed him. He called another police officer and said; kindly distribute this sweet between people who are available now. He distributed all the sweets between people and a police officer.

I said; many people use dirty language for police but it is wrong. If Police would not treat strictly then people would be free and would be harmful to normal people.

Yes, sir, we know that people use dirty language for every police but you know, they work only 9 hours in a day but we work all day even Sunday. We don’t have a week off.

I hand off this real hero who always be ready for our protection and help. We discussed one hour regarding public thoughts. Finally, he said; he belongs from a rural area where people don’t know English. But he  would tell his relatives and people who like reading. He would also order your book for his cute daughter who is perusing her graduation. Finally, we ended our conversation and clicked a pic which will be for a lifetime.

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